India's finest litchis

Our innovative technology helps you get India's best litchis packed fresh in consumer friendly packs
superplum litchi
superplum litchi

From farms
to consumers

Did you know that India is the largest producer of Litchis in the world? However, more than 40% is wasted because of inadequate supply chains.
But for the first time in India, we chill, trim, clean and even pack the litchis right at the farm to retain freshness. Our modern supply chain, a first in India, ensures that the litchis are transported in a Fresherator to keep them fresh till they reach you. These innovative solutions are helping both farmers and consumers get a better price for the produce.
Go ahead, enjoy some farm-fresh & delicious litchis.
litchi litchi
litchi litchi

Get to know your fruits

Scan the barcode on the packaging to know:

  • Test reports of the fruit, soil and water
  • Temperature and humidity during transportation
  • Size, weight, colour and other fruit parameters
  • Details about the farm and farmer